Among the many tasks surrounding the Chili Cook-off are numerous activities that engage members of the Rotary Club of West Chester in preparation for the big event.
Each year, a number of members, some who can always be counted on to help, along with newer members, show up to gather supplies, and sort, bag, and assemble items that will go to each participant booth, to the information table, and wherever specific items are needed. Others load up a truck with the supplies. Members give up hours of their time on Friday and Saturday to pull this all together. While there is a lot of work involved, the work teams have lots of fun and build fellowship among themselves while doing this important work.
As usual, Bill and Debi Friedman always seem to be in the middle of the activities, generously donating their time, expertise, experience, and even space at their business, Blue Dog, to assure preparations run smoothly in advance of the big day.
Thanks to Suzette Webb for capturing this activity for us with her interesting photos.